Get to know Wuben from C3

bis HL auf Feb 17, 2022

Get to know Wuben from C3

Every brand starts with a mission, Wuben’s mission is simple: guiding people out of the darkness and doing things better in the dark. There are numerous EDC flashlights on the market, but they are not equally good when compared to Wuben C3.

What is an EDC flashlight?

As the name suggests, an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight is a light you can carry with you every day and it’s small and portable. Though most of our Smartphones feature a flashlight, the average light output is only 10 lumens, it may be able to serve us in a pinch, it can never replace an EDC in terms of brightness level and runtime.


Brightest pocket flashlight

Wuben C3 delivers a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a long throw of 179 meters, yes, it’s 10 times brighter than an average Smartphone!


1200 lumen flashlight

EDC flashlights get in a range in power, but most of them are around 500 to 700 lumens,  the 1200 lumens of C3 certainly makes it stands out from the crowd, it’s sought-after in the EDC category.


Lightweight & Compact

Most of our Smartphones weigh over 190g nowadays, taking Galaxy Note10 or iPhone 11 as examples, they weigh 198g and 194g, respectively. Whereas C3 only weighs 123g (with battery), it’s small enough to fit in all pockets.


Rechargeable pocket flashlight

One of the aspects that must consider with when purchasing an EDC flashlight is the battery. C3 is powered by a customized 18650 high drain li-ion battery, plus the type-c fast charging, it makes a refill in fast efficiency.

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