Wuben Lightok X3 Owl EDC Flash light - Your Best Owl Light Choice

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Kabelloses Laden: Laden Sie die Taschenlampe bequem in der kabellosen Ladebox auf, sodass Sie keine zusätzlichen Batterien oder Kabel benötigen.

180° drehbarer Kopf: Passen Sie die Strahlrichtung und -abdeckung für eine präzise Beleuchtung mit dem einzigartigen 180° drehbaren Kopf an.

Lange Laufzeit und starke Leistung: Mit der 3000 mAh-Ladebox hat die X3 eine Akkulaufzeit von über 100 Tagen und maximal 700 Lumen.

Dual-LEDs: Vielseitige Beleuchtungsoptionen mit leistungsstarken weißen LEDs für fokussierte Beleuchtung und nachtsichtfreundlichen roten LEDs, sodass sie sich an verschiedene Umgebungen anpassen lässt.

Leichtes Design: Wiegt nur 65 g und ist perfekt für Outdoor-Ausrüstung.

Magnetfuß: Befestigen Sie die Lampe sicher an Metalloberflächen für freihändigen Betrieb, ideal für komplizierte Projekte und enge Räume.

White X3 + Aluminum Charging Box (White)
White X3 + Base (Black)
Black X3 + Base (Black)
White X3 + Aluminum Charging Box (Black)
Black X3 + Aluminum Charging Box (Black)
Blue X3 + Aluminum Charging Box (White)
Green X3 + Aluminum Charging Box (Black)
White X3 + Base (Black)+Aluminum Charging Box (White)
Black X3 + Base (Black)+Aluminum Charging Box (Black)
Product description

Brand New Lightok X3 is in Wuben Official Store Now - The Best EDC Flashlight You Can Rely On

Wuben X3 -1

Wuben X3 is a multi-functional LED EDC flashlight with a 180° rotating head, 70g ultra-light weight, wireless charging, magnetic base, dual LEDs (red and white), visual battery indicator, 700 lumens and multiple lighting modes. It is a great tool for outdoor activities, home security, and night work.

Wuben X3 -2

180° Rotating Head
The lamp head can rotate around the axis, achieving a 180° all-around adjustment, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your preferences effortlessly.

Wuben X3 - 3

Only 70g
Weighing merely 70g, X3 offers an exceptionally lightweight experience, surpassing even that of Bluetooth earphones. Its miniaturized and exquisite design, coupled with ergonomic considerations, ensures a comfortable grip while balancing performance and practicality. The reinforced external details and internal structure have been engineered for enhanced durability, making it resilient against impacts, corrosion-resistant, and ensuring rapid heat dissipation.

Wuben X3 - 4

Dual LEDs (Red and White)
Featuring the Samsung LH351D high Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED and the 650nm Luminus SST10 red light LED.

The white light mode delivers a maximum output of 700 lumens, providing a beam distance of 102 meters. On the other hand, the red light mode ensures non-glaring illumination, making it perfect for preserving night vision without causing any discomfort to the eyes.

Wuben X3 - 5

Glow in the Dark - Easy Positioning at Any Time(White version)
The white version of Wuben X3 uses glow-in-the-dark material, which can emit a faint light even in the dark. This makes it very easy to locate the flashlight at any time.

Wuben X3 - 6

Wuben X3 Unleashes Wireless Charging Freedom
Here's the insider tip: when juicing up your Wuben X3 wirelessly, ensure that its induction coil aligns seamlessly with the wireless charger's coil. Some users have encountered hiccups, often due to a slight misalignment – a common pitfall because the X3's coil isn't dead center but slightly lower. Keep an eye out for that subtle detail!

And yes, while the Wuben X3's wireless charging adds unprecedented convenience to your flashlight experience, it's worth noting that it might take a bit more time compared to the traditional wired method.

Wuben X3 - 7

Magnetic Attraction, Easy and Portable to Wear
The X3 flashlight features a strong magnetic tailcap that can be freely attached to any iron or metal surface. Additionally, the rotating head allows for easy angle adjustments, enabling all-around illumination.

Wuben X3 - 8

Powerful Grip Clamp, Flexible Fastening
With its compact and adorable design, the X3 flashlight weighs a mere 70 grams, making it easy to carry and clip onto various locations such as pockets, backpacks, hat brims, belts, and more. Its lightweight nature allows for smooth usage, so you can clip it wherever you desire and enjoy its functionality effortlessly.

Fearless Battery Life, Long-lasting Endurance, 3000mAh Large Capacity Portable Charging Box.

Wuben X3 - 10

Smart Monitoring, Stay Informed of the Battery Level
The OLED liquid crystal display accurately shows brightness values and real-time battery capacity, making the remaining power easily visible. Additionally, it provides low battery alerts, ensuring you never miss the optimal charging time.

Wuben X3 - 11

4 Color Options, Choose Your Favorite
X3 is available in four colors and comes with two types of charging box (You can also choose a base for the X3). The blue X3 is paired with a white charging box, and the white X3 can glow in the dark.

Wuben X3 - 12

IP65 Waterproof Rating, 1-meter Impact Resistance
Unfazed by heavy rain, effortlessly handling various harsh weather conditions. Even on rainy days, nothing can stop you.

Wuben X3 - 13

Wuben X3 is a powerful and versatile EDC flashlight that is perfect for a variety of occasions. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, such as camping, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. It is also suitable for everyday use, such as lighting up your home, garage, or shed. Additionally, it is perfect for EDC enthusiasts, as it is small and portable and can be carried with you wherever you go.

Wuben X3 - 14

Wuben Lightok X3 Best EDC Flashlight Parameters

Wuben X3 - 15

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