Every brand starts with a mission. Ours was simple: Guiding people out of the darkness.

It began in 1981, when the WUBEN factory was established with the commitment to improving the quality of life with light. Over the last few decades, numerous global giants have put their trust in us as an OEM to produce reliable and exceptional flashlights for a diverse of consumers.

In 2016, we decided to take a step further. WUBEN was registered as a brand and entered the flashlight market, transitioning from a co-star to a key player on a global scale. Having acquired extensive experience with different types of partnerships, and driven by a world-class talent pool, WUBEN’s expertise is not just limited to the R&D, design and production of headlamps or EDC flashlight, but also tactical and professional lighting solutions for med-end and high-end market.

With innovation at our core, our bold vision never lets us settle for the status quo but empowers us to invent more. Trailblazers as we are, we continuously develop reliable and innovative lighting solutions for all. We are eager to realize our vision and high intent, providing new and exciting advances in flashlight design at an affordable price to enhance lifestyle and wellness in any setting.

Let WUBEN be your anchor, whoever follows us will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

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