Wuben was founded in 1981 by a group of outdoor sports enthusiasts. The company has become renowned worldwide for its multifunctional flashlight products. Our goal is to fully meet all your outdoor needs with Wuben ECL(Easy Carry Light) flashlights.


Our Mission is Refined outdoors, Ultra lightweight hiking, Portable light.


Based on years of outdoor sports experience, we found that people often expect flashlights to have more functionality in specific situations, such as being lighter, more durable, more rugged, more portable, smaller, dust-proof, water-proof, hand-free, lockable, with adjustable brightness, longer battery life, indoor-outdoor versatility, and even tactical functionality. Therefore, we strive to cover as many usage scenarios as possible, so that users won't be disappointed when they need our flashlights. That's why we have redefined flashlights, with our X series ECL flashlights having a more advanced appearance and more diverse features. Additionally, we hope to receive more user feedback to help us continue to update our products.


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